Berceuse HeroiqueMonthlyWednesdays2PM - 4PM

The Berceuse Heroique label founder KEMAA presents his "Coup de Foudre" sessions, going through everything in his sinuous way, from roots reggae to contemporary beats via drone and more.

Berceuse Heroique’s KEMAA returns for another session of “Coup de Foudre”, meandering slowly into avant-garde, drone and ambient sound.

Listen back to Berceuse Heroique’s boss Kemal playing two hours of roots reggae, healing your ulcers, nevrosis and more to get you through summer.

Listen back to the Giz, obviously in a deep, introspective mood, playing ambient, horizontal tracks exploring various layers of deep music.

Berceuse Heroique’s main monster KEMAA is back on air with two hours of reggae, meandering through ska, roots, dancehall and everything in-between. Breath in, breath out.

The boss is back with an archival show featuring more than two hours of music for the mind, jazz of all modes and spiritual circulations.

Berceuse Heroique founder KEMAA debutes his monthly “Coup de Foudre” residency with a two-hours session of leftfield electronics, ambient and neo-classical moves, music for your mind…

Berceuse Heroique founder KEMAA returns for his third installment of “Coup de Foudre”, here with one hour of minimal electronics, avant-garde movements, spoken word and spiritual jazz…

Berceuse Heroique label big bauss is back for his yearly contribution of reggae, selecting smooth roots classics and more from Sugar Minott, Barry Brown, Dennis Brown… It’s “Coup de Foudre, part II”.

Berceuse Heroique boss KEMAΛ returns to our station for a third contribution of dancehall bangers, entitled “Coup de Foudre”, with tracks from Beenie Man, Mad Cobra, Delly Ranks, Steve Machette and more.

Fifty-eighth conciliabule with KEMAΛ, for the second time in the studio, dedicated to dancehall only — straight killa, no filla… enjoy.

Third meeting in the studio with CLFT Militia’s DJs and KEMAA, boss of the London-based label Berceuse Héroïque — gratifying us with a one hour of raw, dirty dancehall — invited the same night at the Terminal Club.

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