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Get familiar with the legendary swedish label founded in 1987 through their network of weirdos. Expect a large variety of experimental, punk, acid and electronic expressions..

Sweden’s BÖRFT Records continues its own anthology, exploring the label’s cassettes releases from 1990 to 1992 here, playing the rarest, sickest, weirdest, raddest music from Frak, M Nomized, Pacific 231 and many more.

The BÖRFT Records crew is back on air with a special episode exploring the label’s oldest archives, tape releases from 1987 to 1990 (and onwards for later episodes), with industrial, synth-wave, electro and experimental gems provided by Arvid Tuba, Frak, Spilding, Greens Restaurant and many more discrete figures..

BÖRFT Rec. brings the infamous Frak member KORD for this month’s session, providing with one hour of electro, synth-pop and italo disco from Jacno, Giorgio Moroder, Mario Marthy and more.

Sweden’s BÖRFT Records bring you O’Girl for this month’s session, with a powerful 60mins selection of club tracks, breaks, techno and acid-ish bangers from Armando, Jon Doppler, Baby Ford and more.

The Börft Records clique invites JBS for this month’s episode, featuring one hour of dub-techno, electro and house goodness, with tracks from Laughing Man, Softlips, Paul Mac and more.

Sweden’s Börft Records brings you honcho DJ Araya for this month’s episode, for one hour of club variations through electro, breaks and house from Breaker 1 2, Junq, Umwelt and more.

Meet m jupiter from Karlskrona for this month’s episode of Börft Rec’s residency, playing records from the underground, featuring techno bangers from Ernestas Sadau, Parrish Smith, Klorex55 and more.

Founded in 2008 by Tomrum and A. Stantz, Peel MD has quietly been experimenting with acid-vibes in and out of various cupboards in Wrebro, Sweden. In 2012 they where welcomed to the Börft-family by Zwarre who then released their debut mini-LP “Grip”. To celebrate their ten year trudge, they here present a mix of unreleased tracks from the over the years. Enjoy.

Peter Kädergård has been active in the Helsingborg (Sweden) electronic music scene since the early 1990’s. He was involved in various collaborations during the 90’s and appeared on a few cassette releases under the names Grodans Födelsedag, Märchentraum and Mannix System.
Peter released his first Rittowski record on the Börft sub label Djuring Phonogram in 2004. Apart from this electro project Peter is a member of the bands Goz Mongo Alliance and Inyurmania, who has made a few releases on the Ufo Mongo, Pripuzzi and Skiboy record labels.
In 2018 Rittowski will return with an EP on Börft and as a part of that he has made a studio live mix which contains some tracks from his upcoming Börft release.

Lsiten back to a selection of unreleased Anders Enge material and stuff previously released on tapes ( Doodles 11-13 and DETUNED HEROES, Dissociated Rhythm) and a teaser from forthcoming cassette on Funeral Fog Rec! From triumphant to very moody.

Sweden’s Börft Records gives you longtime honcho Per Lundberg for a freestyle, sudden session of acid techno, electro and more banging records, recorded straight from the vault.

DJ Jespha Galore from Sweden provides this oddball mix of Börft classics and recent releases. Hailing from Helsingborg and DJ’ing nonstop since 1995 he is a man who can give you a glimpse of the smalltown sounds of Sweden, and especially the town where the recordlabel Börft is originated: Karlskrona.

This month’s Börft Rec. show features a banging mix from Jean-Louis Huhta aka Dungeon Acid, featuring tracks from Truncate, Silent Servant, Polygon Window and more.

Listen back to BÖRFT REC’s honcho and Boston resident Isabella Bella delivering noisey whispers, atmospheric soundscapes and rave-ish anthems.

A nineties tribute from Börft Rec honcho Garonneman, recollecting a soundtrack for his youth, enjoy his reminiscence.

Listen back to Helsingborg’s DJ Hank, solid honcho of Börft Recs since the 90’s, operating under the names and projectors Goz Mongo Alliance, Nimam Spregleda, Helltown Acid Militia…

Sweden’s finest and grittiest Börft Recs welcome New-York City-based dj and producer Bergsonist for an hour of wave, electro and grim delights.

Listen back to DJ Underwater Squad and keep an eye on her releases..

At times dirty and lo-fi and at other turns atmospheric and psychedelic, Jon Dopplerís work remains unpredictable demonstrating the two decades of production experience behind him. This hardware based producer touches on a litany of genres and influences to shape the aural environment. Expect deep analog electronics. Keep all other expectations open.

The swedish imprint delivers here its first episode of its seasonal residency, with honcho Joakim Cosmo for an hour of acid turmoil..

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