Chevel & FriendsMonthlyWednesdays5PM - 6PM

One hour with label founder and producer Chevel, selecting one hour of contemporary electronic music from his own and the whole Treviso-based Enklav. crew.

Dario Tronchin aka Chevel is back on track with the kick-off of 2019’s “Blursed” season, here with one hour of contemporary electronics produced by himself, enjoy.

Chevel brings you Italian producer Von Tesla for this month’s Blursed, providing with one hour of digital electro, bass music and breaks from Air Max 97, Ssaliva, Gescom and more.

Emanuele Wiltsch Barberio is a musician and performer who has embarked upon exploring the multiple dimensions of sound production and installations since the early 2000s, jobbing through Seattle and London, tirelessly experimenting on the boundary of electronic manipulation with a peculiar and oblique approach, permeated by the confluence of his collaborations in the field of music (Paki Zennaro & Carolyn Carlson, Michael Reuter, Sabina Meyer, Ooopopoiooo, Madriema, Giovanni De Zorzi), visual arts (Giorgio Andreotta Calò, Libia Castro & Olafur Olafsson) and theater (Fanny & Alexander, Luigi De Angelis, Marco Paolini, Zapruder filmmakersgroup), among others. In 2012 he founded in Venice the independent production space “Spazio Aereo”.

Chevel invites the experimental producer Lorem for this month’s “Blursed” show, providing with one hour of digital collages, experimental cuts and broken beats.

Chevel invites London-based DJ and promoter Oliver Fay aka Xenoglossy and Lowki, for one hour of contemporary meanders through digital experimentations from Coucou Chloé, John Object, Ronce, Lyzza, Oly Osher and more.

Italian producer Dario Tronchin aka Chevel is back on air for this episode of Blursed, delivering one hour of contemporary music, oscillating between ambient, experimental and trap, with tracks from Raime, Oneohtrix Point Never, Mumdance, Yves Tumor…

For this month’s Blursed, Chevel brings you Autre, an Italian producer and co-founder of Gifted Culture, a label for improvised music ran by himself and Two Thou. He provides here with one hour of eclectic spiritual music, from free jazz artist Anthony Braxton to fourth-world master Jon Hassell and synthesizer experimentalist Eduard Artemiev

Chevel brings you Trevisor local Modes for this month’s “Blursed” show, featuring sixty minutes of contemporary electronics, including Andrea Belfi, Peder Mannerfelt, Andy Stott, Kyoka and more.

Chevel invites TLK for this month’s “Blursed” show, bringing one hour of tranquil electro, synth-pop and electronica from Linkwood, The Durutti Column, Ross 154, Transilvanian Galaxi and more.

Italian producer Chevel invites his british pair Bandshell for this month’s “Enklav.” meandering through contemporary beats, hip-hop and dark electronics from Demdike Stare, Jay-Z, Young Paint and more.

Italian producer Chevel brings you Treviso-based honcho Trombetta for this month’s Blursed for one hour of digital madness, breaks and basses, acid soundscapes and more.

Chevel brings you the young and talented italian producer Key Clef for this month’s Blursed episode, featuring a wide range of contemporary, loose, sentimental electronics.

Stream back Enklav. label founder Chevel opening this new season of Blursed with a mix of subtle contemporary electronics, from Yves Tumor, Memdance, Terekke and more.

Enklav. founder Chevel brings you the Juventini from Prehistoric Silence for this month’s Blursed show, with a mix of contemporary breaks and basses.

Enklav boss Chevel is back for the Blursed residency, announcing is next album “” with a stunning mix of contemporary breaks and rhythm experimentations, with tracks from Lanark Artefax, DJ Lostboi, Skee Mask and more.

Enklav. founder Chevel brings you La Tempesta Internazionale artist Yakamoto Kotzuga this month with a mix of contemporary electronics celebrating the young Italian album “Slowly Fading”.

Enklav. founder Chevel brings young Italian producer and Vae Victis artist Inner Lakes for this month’s episode, playing techno and club bangers from Terrence Dixon, Birth Of Frequency, DJ Bone, Forest Drive West and more.

Chevel invites Enklav. honcho Wavefold for this month’s episode of the Blursed residency, with a blatant mix of electronics, contemporary breaks and basses, and experimental derivations.

Stream back Jugin’s part for the Enklav’s show, a wide range of electronics, from dub to tribal techno.

Meet with NYC selector Akanbi, signing in for Chevel’s Blursed show.

Chevel brings you Alberto Ricca aka Bienoise.

Enklav. boss Chevel provides with this killa episode featuring contemporary beats, digital experiments and trap from Logos, DJ Slip, Plastikman and more, enjoy.

Turin-based Gang Of Ducks delivers for Chevel’s residency.

One hour with label founder and producer Chevel, selecting one hour of contemporary electronic music from his own and the whole Trieste-based Enklav. crew.

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