Basses Terres, HAJJ, Tiff, Tarba, JudaahOne-OffSaturdays4PM - 7PM

Brothers From Different Mothers are back on our airwaves for a special 3-hours broadcast featuring Basses Terres new live set, a contemporary emo-not-emo mixtapes from HAJJ and a back-to-back-to-back session with Tiff, Tarba and Judaah.

Souffrance FM and BFDM honcho HAJJ is stepping in for a twisted emo set, featuring digital experimentations from Gigi Masin, Kamixlo, Lil Peep, Shit&Shine…

Listen back to BFDM’s masked honcho Basses Terres, playing his new live set for the label’s take over, meandering through subtle electro, soothing, dense soundscapes and minimal architectures.

Stream back BFDM’s Judaah, Tarba & Tiff playing back-to-back-to-back to wrap up the label’s take over on our airwaves, delivering dancehall, reggae, dub and uk breaks variations.

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