Judaah, Tarba, Low Jack, The Pilotwings, OKO DJ, LastrackOne-OffSaturdays2PM - 8PM

Brothers From Different Mothers take over our Lyon studio for a 6-hours session with founder Judaah and honchos Tarba, The Pilotwings, Low Jack, OKO DJ and Lastrack.

Listen back to BFDM founder Judaah opening this new take over, with tracks from Clara! y Maoupa, Jonquera and more bangers before tagging in Tarba for more.

Brothers From Different Mothers honcho Tarba steps in for an hour of oscillating breaks and basses, cruising from UK culture to Dancehall and grimy cuts.

DJ “Didier” Lastrack pushes further the BFDM take over of our Lyon studio with one hour of contemporary cuts, French trap and post-emo bullshit to enjoy.

Listen back to The Pilotwings’ session for the BFDM take over, playing exclusively unreleased (rightfully so?) music from themselves, going head to head as Jonquera vs. Eiger Drums Propaganda.

Stream back BFDM’s first lady OKO DJ playing the crème de la crème of sleazy dancehall, and queer trap vibes for the Brothers From Different Mothers take over of our Lyon studio.

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