James Donadio aka ProstitutesBimestrialFridays10PM - 11PM

'StabUdown Productions’ mastermind James Donadio aka Prostitutes us his 'Basement Seance' residency. The American brings us every other month an eclectic selection of his endless shelves of records, accompanying it with personal and apocryphal stories.

James Donadio aka Prostitutes, fondateur du label StabUdown Productions retrouve nos ondes pour une nouvelle séance de la cave, enchainant une heure partagée entre reggae, rock psychédélick, punk et tout autre disque lui passant sous la main.

StabUdown Productions’ mastermind Prostitutes is back for another Basement Seance, going through a vast selection of decadent synth-wave, industrial chants and bold experimental music.

StabUdown Productions guru Prostitutes teaches the ways of Gutter…

James Donadio aka Prostitutes returns for another edition of “Basement Seance”, taking over the stream for an hour of loose dub, experimental electronics and more from Vladislav Delay, Dettinger, Skein…

Stabudown Productions founder and producer James Donadio aka Prostitutes returns to our station for the second episode of “Basement Seance”, providing with one hour of brut post-punk, industrial and electro goodness, featuring Scorpion Violente, ALU, Sisters Of Mercy and more.

Listen to James “Prostitutes” Donadio’s firs installment of “Basement Seance”, featuring one hour of blissful electronics, tribal and post-industrial tendencies involving Konono n°1, PWOG, Radio Slave and more.

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