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Joe Gilmore et Paul Emery refont surface pour continuer leur série d’Actual Grammar, explorant davantage les répertoires de musiques expérimentale, avant-garde, conceptuelle, s’aventurant vers John Macedo, Scott Cazan, Greg Surges et plus.

Listen back to Joe Gilmore & Paul Emery’s trip into vintage, modern and contemporary electronics, rebounding from Guy Reibel to Mark Fell via Valerio Tricoli and many more.

Joe Gilmore & Paul Emery return with another one-hour transmission of experimental electronics…

Joe Gilmore and Paul Emery are back on air for another episode of “Actual Grammar”, providing with one hour of experimental sounds.

Dive into an hour of complex electronics, metaphorical sounds and experimental sonic architecture with Brits Joe Gilmore & Paul Emery selecting early, classic and avant-garde music for their latest broadcast.

Joe Gilmore and Paul Emery ara back on our airwaves, with another episode of Actual Grammar, exploring the avant-garde, experimental and musique concrète répertoires of contemporary producers and pioneers.

Listen to the thirst installment of Joe Gilmore & Paul Emery’s Actual Grammar, focusing on experimental electronics, avant-garde compositions and drone via Kane Ikin, Kali Malone, Akira Rabelais, Gescom and more.

Joe Gilmore & Paul Emery reviennent pour une nouvelle session d’Actual Grammar, étendant sur une heure leurs collections expérimentale et avant-gardiste, avec des compositions classiques et contemporaines de Bernard Parmegiani, Bellows, Pierre Schaeffer, Rashad Becker et plus.

Joe & Paul return for their quarterly broadcast “Actual Grammar”, focusing on experimental and avant-garde electronics, from pioneers to contemporary artists via Russell Haswell, Second Woman, Roman Opalka, Jean-Claude Risset…

Listen back to Paul Emery and Joe Gilmore’s Actual Grammar starting episode, featuring early electronics and contemporary experimental from Meyers, Ben Vida, Giuseppe Ielasi, AFX and more.

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