Zchivago's Disco Dystopia

27/05/2020 • 3PM - 4PM

with DIE or D.I.Y.?

Zchivago’s going deeper than ever in the gloom, mourning the 0,004%. Dive back into his beautifully dark and twisted homage.

Pic. Aki Yamouridis

NEU – Leb’ Wohl
BIG STAR – Holocaust (Alternate Rough Mix)
LYDIA LUNCH – Gloomy Sunday
CYNDITALK – Memories of Skin and Snow
JOY DIVISION – In A Lonely Place (Spring 1980 Rehearsal)
DIAMANDA GALAS – My World Is Empty
JANDEK – Nancy Sings
RICHARD TRUHLAR – Portrait of an Interview
LABRADFORD – Recorded And Mixed At Sound Of Mu
GROUPER – Cover the Long Way
COIL – A Cold Cell
BILL FAY – Time of the last Persecution

Zchivago's Disco Dystopia

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