Weird Shit

18/03/2020 • 10PM - 11PM


ANNA FUNK DAMAGE is back to funk you through the confinement period, bringing together EYE, Laura Palmer, Eduardo Unz, Catarina Barbieri and more.

brutality of fact – the price of your entry is sin
Ronce – acteon
Zohar – ot
Simbiosi – call frm 2
Caterina Barbieri – Arrow of time
Buttechno – Mr. heroin
Lauren tosswill – shape note
Eduardo unz – Sleepwalker
Bored young adults – Shy Dancers On Bungalowdorf Beach
eye – sanatorium
laura palmer – stop pretending you are not a monster
simbiosi – smrn 909
ecko bazz – nightmare song
miss red – money machine
Debby Friday – indulge me
eye – valentina
anna funk damage – begging
new order – truth

Weird Shit

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