Waking Up With Cereals

04/03/2020 • 12PM - 1PM

with Cereals DJs

Berlin’s Cereals DJs are back on air for one hour of soft derivations through hip-hop, ambient and folk music.

Perko – Luna
Resili – Corrie Caves
Jaime Roos, Estela Magnone – Tras tus ojos
Casa Ukrania ft. Zukkor Zzov – I’m Your Witch
Smokey Haangala – Cinyala Munyanaka
Fred A – November
Fleetwood Mac – Never Going Back Again
Baris Manco – Lambaya Puf De
Wu-Tang Clan – Reunited
Roshell Anderson – Wild Dreams
(Don’t Ask) – Clocking Off
Medium Medium – Hungry, So Angry
Amy Grant – Baby, Baby
Kraan – Faust 2000
Ledernacken – The Real Treat
Lady G – Breeze Off

Waking Up With Cereals

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