Vocal Fry

12/12/2019 • 3PM - 4PM


London duo Claire Voyant & Elle Andrews [SOUVENIR] return with their bimonthly show VOCAL FRY, this time skirting around bits of oddball Techno, Dub, Brazilian Experimental, Post Punk,Trap, Soukous and Memphis Rap.

The Idealist- Bad Things Happen Dub
Andy Stott – OL9
Ausschuss- Frontier Control
ELLL- Polarbergs
QUICA- Cigarra
Hoshina Anniversary -Souon Ichi
Inga Copland- Insult to Injury
Walton – Before The Storm
Urban Tribe – Program 8
Blak Punk Soundsystem – BPS Dub
Ossia – Mob Psychology
M//R – For The Future
Rey Sapienz – Nzela Mabulu
Altered Natives – A T Field
Madteo – Evol On
Dame Area – Sfingi
We Be Echo – Anyone But You
Shawty Pimp – Kickin Pimpin

Vocal Fry

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