Une Heure ça Choufy

18/02/2020 • 9PM - 10PM

with James (ThriftStoreVinyl)

This month Choufy invites James from Phoenix Arizona to talk about his wonderful Youtube Channel ThriftStoreVinyl.
Since 25 years he’s unearthing and archiving vinyl diamonds excavated from dusty donation mines.
It’s definitely the most uplifting music that you can expect in just one hour… So positive in many ways!

COOK E. JARR & HIS KRUMS – AC Feeling [1970s Lounge Funk]
GEORGIANA LICCIONE STEWART – Donkey (Instrumental) [1970s Electronic_Children]
THE BERMUDA MERRY-MAKERS – Hey Jude [1970s Beatles Calypso]
TERRY PELTON – Cool Cool Heart [1990s Outsider Rock]
JUDE JURDEL – Visions Of My Mind [1970s Outsider Lounge Pop]
JOYE BELL – Let’s Go Skiing [1960s Outsider Lounge]
LARRY VOLTZ – Water Is The Window [1980s Outsider Synth Rock]
DON JONES – Bigfoot [1970s Crypto Country]
CLIFF HONIKER – Come On, Satan [1970s Outsider Rock]
REV. JOE FREEMAN – Sinner Man [1960s Rockabilly Gospel]
THE LOOPER TRIO – Life Beyond Death [1970s Rural Country Gospel]
HIS PEOPLE WITH CRIMSON – Amazing Grace [1970s Christian Psych Rock]
THE SHELTONS – Jesus Is Coming Soon [1960s Southern Gospel]
LITTLE RICHARD MILLER – The Fire Came Down [1960s Southern Gospel]
SUNSHINE CHORAL AIRES – Are These Flying Saucers [1960s Rockabilly Gospel]
MILES COLLEGE GOSPEL CHOIR – Satan, We’re Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down [1970s Black Gospel]
RHEMA – Truckin’ [1970s Gospel Funk Rock]
THE SEARCHLIGHTERS – Ninevah Noose [1980 Christian Rock]

Une Heure ça Choufy

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