The Other Side

05/04/2018 • 8PM - 9PM

with Alexis Le-Tan

Stream back to Paris based accurate sound explorer Alexis Le Tan selecting some 90s ambient compositions, and slo-mo trance madness tracks. Here with music from Orbital, KLF, and more…

Sorry, I’ve actually forgotten the tracklist for this show. Most of these tracks have been aired from a lost time and place, where all things like id’s could not be discovered online. I can’t even remember the names of most of these, so I guess we will just leave it at that. There are however a couple of new tunes in the mix by the likes of Anatolian Weapons, Smagghe & Cross, Céline Gilain and Geier Aus Stahl. I would’ve liked this one to go on for much longer but unfortunately I only had an hour, so… Thanks to Nico Motte for pouring the wine, Marine for hosting us, the people above for their music and c for the renewed source of endless inspiration!

The Other Side

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