The Other Side

11/01/2018 • 8PM - 9PM

with Alexis Le-Tan

Alexis empties his drawers for his first show of 2018, and pulls out some of his favourite gear of the past year.
Only top shelf clobber and as usual mixing vintage and new, waiting for the new collections to come!

Giuseppe Leonardi – Every Tree And Creature
Electric Sewer Age – Corpuscular Corpuscule
Cosey Fanni Tutti – Such Is Life
Tarawangsawelas – Selalu
Cotton Mather – Flagship
Jasss – Theo Goes Away
John T Gast – Jah Guidance
Pilotwings – Massilia Attack
DJ Oil – Brouillage
Michel Banabilla – Marilli 2
The Misz – A La Recherche de B.L.
MK Ultra & The Assasins of Light – Jesus Krist Klap Rap
Kris Baha – Fuels A Liar
Joakim – Cannibale Pastorale
Smagghe & Cross – Time To Remember

The Other Side

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