The Other Side

21/07/2020 • 7PM - 8PM

with Alexis Le Tan

“The end of the season is similar to those last days of school or when your summer holidays are coming to an end. Trying to make up for everything you could have done before it is too late, cramming in all the best you can in the small amount of time you have left. There is always a lot to learn from focusing on the past, however when you are living in the now it is vital to not lose site of what is happening in the present. We are here to push things forward and build a better future, hopefully these sounds from today will help you along the way. “

Smagghe & Cross – Le Soleil Levant
Ultramarine – Equatorial Calms
Gossiwor – Thank You Lord
Seigen Ono – Hunting For Lions
Tomaga – Fist to Fist
Cucina Povera – Jolkotellureitti
Haron – Marimbaman
Panasonic – Muslimgauze remix
Pontiac Streator & Ulla Straus – Item 5
Feral – Sonar
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement – Watery Grave
Electric Sewer Age – Self Doubting Trip
ELG – Salvador
Smagghe & Cross – Lincolnshire Poacher

The Other Side

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