The Other Side

28/04/2020 • 7PM - 8PM

with Alexis Le Tan

Here is a little dub recording which was recorded on request of Hugo for his Discos Capablanca take over on Mutant Radio. The tracklist can be decoded from the little poem below:

Standing on top of the Towers of Dub
Search and Destroy this new little hub
The lights will Flicker the floor will shake
Whilst sailing on the Nautilus feeling awake
Rocking in pain from our International Orchitis
Fatelikul as a war chant will not overcome this
Another quarantine story, another Lucid Dream
Recognise and Respond when you see someone mean
This new Strategy of throbbing Dub In My System
Eating Peanut Porridge every morning to dis them
A new threat as Danger In Paradise is revealed
Whilst Dervish Chant elevates them further afield
The Dawner now rises after dusk hits the fan
Whilst brightness in the distance revals the Earthwire Line
High is where we all want to go, can’t we move anymore
Let’s hope things will be different When It’s War is no more

The Other Side

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