The Other Side

16/04/2019 • 8PM - 9PM

with Alexis Le-Tan

Problems on the porch,
Obstacles are the instruments.
Holy rotation droplets,
Lick the steady trick.
Air-dried happiness,
Back and forth.
Plink plink physics,
The Oriental chamber.
Multi directional problems, Centralised mistakes.
Scratching for hope,
Awkward pony rides.
Base level bonanza,
Spit it out.
Fairground attractions,
Liquid prizes.
Archival echoes,
Plonk plonk powder.
Pictures, Tears, Tony,
Everyone remembers the Munch Bunch. Highway harnesses,
Kick drum concrete.
Full-blown enlargements in the cleaning cupboard, Such sterile accusations.
Dulcet deserters,
Richard Hammond’s organ.
Bouncing back in time,
Grinding for hope.
Pansies and happy insects,
Pop shelf flotation.
Now fold me in half and stick me up your arse.

ATOI – Nu Whrrld Order
The Orb – Perpetual Dawn (January mix 3)
General P.D.C – Amazon Dub
Kufuki – Torobayashi In_Dub_(Japan_Blues_Excursion)
Horizon 23 – Walkin On Air
Mandala – Love Train
Golden Bug – Yama (Krikor Remix) [Master]
Papa Austin w: The Great Peso – Wrong Girls To Play With (Good Block Dub)
Renegade Soundwave – Cocaine Sex (Sub Aqua Overdrive Dub)
The Sabres Of Paradise – Ballad Of Nicky McGuire
Nyrabakiga – Cor Corora
Headrillaz & Howie B – Buggin’ & Breakin’
Spies Boy – Nasa-Arab
Barney – Dabud
Pilgrims – Digital Four A Groove
Good Block – Ryu’s Dream

The Other Side

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