The Other Side

05/01/2019 • 6PM - 7PM

with Alexis Le-Tan

First show of the year or last show of 2018? For this occasion, let me treat you to an extract of my set from the last Positive Education Festival. Veering away from the chill zone and diving head first into the rave… A Christmas gift which would’ve aired on the 25th December had the holiday season been postponed. No tracklist for this one but featuring some new tracks by Shadi Kries, Nick Mackroy, Otta Karawane and our forthcoming Full Circle remix of Die Orangen to close things off!
Here is what Tom Colebrook had to say about this sonic delivery:

Depth charge punctures the rolling soul, Chaotic mess on high.
Clash trash in the sands of man, The acid precipice and staggered fulcrums.
Wooden marionettes and broken names, Rotation symbols on the dawn line.
Even my hands can’t place lost dripping, The morph of a memory.
The lizard comes with a muscimol grip, The spotted king of old.
A sacred grip that he foretold,The rush today is ours, a bliss of the ages.
His memory fades inside the tube, Instructions are given.
On the sound box he stands, Waving discordant flags.
Punctured melodies of the night,
This is the broken sound of our past.
Sounding the drums are a troupe of misfits, Leathery rasps of the primate line.
Back in the water strong is the pulse, Such is clarity through the chaos.
Ordered lightsounds high above, Cascade traces, driving chords.
Liquid bliss on high, Mechanical stability on low, Up the back he rises,
Strings tare through the fragile portal, This the high pulse of our membranes.
Hispanic ripples of an older sound, Amphibious distortions under the canopy, Centred echos in the rolling soul,
The fractures bring us home.

The Other Side

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