The Other Side

30/10/2018 • 9PM - 10PM

with Alexis Le-Tan

In order to complement the aural passage of each new episode, Alexis has asked his dear friend Tom Colebrook for some live freeform writing to accompany his shows. A textual guide to The Other Side:

Wind up to the green place, they’re hear above, hidden.
The future chopper of nature, hovering, ascending.
The insect of the present. This is my place.
Down we go to subservient violence, liberating.
Liquid visions of an internal place, his space.
Symbiotic physical need, a visceral Any-body.
This is The Thing, hollow remote isolation, everyone waiting.
We’re back inside, slow warmth, trying to help,
Engulfing the hollowness, an ochre & grey space.
The chamber opens up, a vast dome, muffled light.
Communication from the mist, harmonic throbbing from above.
A gang of them, the lazy mindless twang of the hazy urbane.
When the cock crows – don’t deny anyone, Rave on.
A smokey slump back in the abode of possibility.
We’re still deep, in the place of echoey focus.
A Fucked melody picks away at me.
The Harlequin disappears, the Jester of the arcade game.
The dirty Dubby Man, dancing with the Grimy Girls.
This is now, confected, sugary and fat.
Back to honesty, the focus after the flaccid,
Showing me aural balloons of the future.
Now pair me down and instruct me.
They’re here, above: Visible:
Green Mammalian winged entities of the canopy.
Illuminated again, the dome has cleared,
The bluey-gray echo of possibility, bright and clear.
The night has passed: The liquid liberation of light.
Transient hours in the lounge of rhythm, modern, ongoing.
The ancient instructor still permeates, a harmony of memories,
Shivering discord never far away, trapped in time.
A slice opens up in the sky, the seduction of the orient.
Frosted screens, the Width of Time.

48 CAMERAS – Bloodsucker
NARWAL – Track 7
RON MORELLI – Disappear
Never Too Old to Rave On
4EX – Why Ungelöst
SCR – One Monitor Shy Part 1
TAPES – Gold Love Riddim
STEVE PEPE – Pora Machina
XCOR – Beweging
JAY GLASS DUB – Detrimental dub
IAN ECCLES SMITH – The Slaughtering Eye

The Other Side

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