The Cosmic Onion

27/07/2018 • 10PM - 11PM

with DJ TLR

Crème Organization’s boss is back on our stream with one hour of electro variations featuring a bunch of unreleased Crème material from Simoncino, Unknown Entity, Ekman and more..

RHYTHMIC THEORY – At What Cost (Crème unreleased)
SIMONCINO – Housetime (Crème unreleased)
EKMAN – 17 (Crème unreleased)
UNKNOWN ENTITY – The Light That Shines Inside Of Us (Crème unreleased)
UNKNOWN ENTITY – Bum Kon’s Diary (Crème unreleased)
LEGOWELT – Omnibus babylon
LAKE HAZE – Unexplored Oceanic Territory
CEM 3340 – 104 (Crème unreleased)
ZARKOFF – Moj prijatelj muzičar
CEM 3340 – 100 3 / CEM96 (Crème unreleased)
EKMAN – Vinyl 15 (Crème unreleased)
OPTIC NERVE – Premonition

The Cosmic Onion

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