Temple Of Faitiche

10/05/2018 • 3PM - 4PM

with Jan Jelinek

Musician and Faitiche label boss Jan Jelinek returns to our station with a special episode entitled “Lee Perry: Dancing to Geometry”, reprising some of the infamous dub producer’s compositions.

LEE PERRY – Cloak & Dagger
LEE PERRY – Sharp Razor
LEE PERRY – Cloak & Dagger Ver. 3
LEE PERRY – Scratch The Dub Organizer
LEE PERRY – The Tackro
LEE PERRY – Cool Rockers
LEE PERRY – Dub Along
LEE PERRY – Curly Dubs
LEE PERRY – Long Sentence
DAVE BARKER – Shocks Of Mighty / Set Me Free
LEE PERRY – Setta Iration
LEE PERRY – Rude Walking
LEE PERRY – Bad Walking
LEE PERRY – Roast Fish & Cornbread
LEE PERRY – Times Marches On
LEE PERRY – Black I.P.A.

Temple Of Faitiche

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