Spinning Data

17/01/2018 • 1PM - 2PM

with Jay Glass Dubs

This episode takes us to the mystic land of African Vodun through Agbo Tofa and other Mysteries: fetish statues, mystic gods and hidden spaces, field recordings and documentary parts collide into a single entity, the sacred destroyer Agbo Tofa… Places such as Benin, Cairo and Istambul are visited and reconstructed forming a dream haze like state in this ”sacred” and mystical episode.

African Jungle sounds.
African Vodun voices from various documentaries.
Voodoo the origins. Benin. By J.D Burton.
Benin Vodun music.
Dogon ritual dance.
Cotonou Trafic.
Air Burkina MD83 Landing at Cotonou.
African Porn. X rated movie.
African art. The masks of the Bonde Family perform.
Dogs barking in African night.
Burkina faso.
Vodun Possession.
Night time in Africa.
Cairo traffic noises.
Omar Faruk Tekbilek. Songs of the Pharaohs.
Unknown street musicians in Cairo.
10 hours of Sahara wind.
Cairo Market.
Luxor Egypt. Riding on a horse Coach.
Erkin Koray. Saskin.
Blue Mosque call to prayer.
Sounds of Istambul.
Ilhan Mimaroglou 3x mix. To kill a Sunrise.
Threnody For Sharon Tate.
War in Africa.
Beograd to Istambul by train.
Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers. Sacrifice.
South Africa War. Tanks in Angola 76.
Pharoah Sanders. Live at the East.
Eric Edwards about his African artifacts.
Cotonou Benin.
Cotonou Wedding.
Pineapple processing in Benin.
Entering by ship.
2016 Les Femmes du port de peche de Cotonou acquises a Sebastien Ajavon.

Spinning Data

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