Bruxelles Année Zero

13/05/2020 • 5PM - 6PM

with Space Force Operations with Flapy & Sniper

Space Force Operations embarking for an hour of outer space investigation from electro to hazy atmospherics with essentials from then and now.

LAURIE ANDERSON – Walking & falling
JOAN LA BARBARA – Twelvesong (Zwolfgesang)
HIELE – Eeltown
26-66 – Ckanicttap
MUSTANTURI – Revontulia
TORRIKO – minitest setup alternativo prepara 4.6
CRISTOPH DE BABALON – How Long from Now?
JOSI DEVIL – Mouloud Face
ALEKSI PERÄLÄ – NL-L56-18-07383
EOD – From the 1st Sound
FLUCTUOSA – Crystal Structure
SPEEDY J – Terre Zippy
BENJAMIN LEW – Les Traces D’Un Pont
96 BACK – Incoherency Melancholia
KODE9 – Bacteria in Dub feat. The Spaceape, Luciana Parisi & Ms.Haptic
7FO – Water Vapor (ft. Sea Urchin)
SUGAI KEN – 土獅峠 Toshi Touge
TASHO ISHI – Satoshi Nakamoto
MARK – Incantation For The Protection Of JC
JEGA – Norton Midgate
PROC FISKAL – Football

Bruxelles Année Zero

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