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02/01/2018 • 2PM - 3PM

with DJ Tera Octe

Dive into you inner self. Experience DJ Tera Octe live set at Qlimax.
For the 2017 edition, Qlimax unveiled a secret guest to the Hardstyle community. DJ Tera Octe’s rawphoric science and his allegiance to the roots of Hardstyle made him a serious contender for the set of the year. A LYL Radio exclusive!

«In a world of conflict, the human beings are struggling with soundcloud copyrights. The anger flows through all of us, resonating with every fiber in our body. Gathering from the whole galaxy, we unite under a common banner: LYL Radio. Can you feel our suffering deep inside? Beware of the kick de chien.»
 DJ Tera Octe, 2017

Souffrance FM

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