25/10/2019 • 11PM - 12AM

with Omeed Norouzi & Felisha Ledesma

Omeed Norouzi and the rest of the Sibilants crew digs the many variables of contemporary electronics, varying from complex soundscapes to rough breaks via experimental output and more. Follow the Arizonians monthly here…

Neilll – Monocarpic (feat. Omeed Norouzi)
Vanity Productions – Faith Alone
Mslyma -Iftirad (Zad AlMusafir)
Santiago – salt on a bone
266sx – for whom we have done nothing wrong _ the people below
Finglebone – The Spider and The Fly
Theodore Cale Schafer – No Piano
field recordings – buzzed, loud sandals, angelo playing piano
pretending Rosalía sings to me
field recordings – small gong & ??
Aki Onda – We Flow
Samantha Glass – Dancing Against Reality
Lisa Lerkenfeldt – Six Worlds of Touch
bod [包家巷] – Every Song Sounds Different Trust Me
Ultrafog – Trace


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