17/01/2020 • 9PM - 10PM

with Omeed Norouzi

This month we bring on Sibilants’ very own Neilll for one hour of fine Arizona evening selections. He’s a classically trained saxophone player and ambient musician who recently debuted “Plosives” on Sibilants.

Why me – ssaliva
anc alt – exael
bleached world – rabbit
a transcript by from ambae isle (scherzo l) – lieven martens moana
ripsketch – sa pa
sensual – loraine james
eeon – ben bondy
seronde – slow foam ft. neilll
dopaminergic precision – james ferraro
enby – odae
stilett – angelo harmsworth
cuevas – mister water wet
e. eternal – yves tumor
e e d – neilll


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