24/10/2019 • 6PM - 7PM

with Roller Coaster

Listen back to experimental producer and Lucern-based artist Martina Lussi’s “Roller Coaster” premiere, featuring dark, oblique electronics from Kelman Duran, Dinamarca, SSSS and many more.

Start – Belia Winnewisser (Unreleased, Spa Recorings)
Raw Red Redux – Yantan Ministry
Leave Me A Message – Magda Drosd (Unreleased, Präsens Editionen)
Fieldrecording (recorded on April 15 2019 in Paris) Martina Lussi (Unreleased)
X – Sega Bodega
Chiseler`s Rush – Call Super & Parris
Let Yourself Be Pure – Sound Awakener
Fantasies – Jason Hill (Soundtrack Mindhunter)
Anywhere Is Better Than Here – SSSS
Melting A Piece Of Cadmium – Amosphère (Unreleased)
AEONSIII – Kelman Duran (Selfreleased)
Pipe Dreams – Sote
Pookie – Aya Nakamura
Dino – Dinamarca
Deet – Palmistry

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