Radio Rituel

27/04/2018 • 9PM - 10PM

with Outermost

Stream back to Radio Rituel’s latest ceremony, with special guest Miltiadis Merentitis aka Outermost, playing some gritty house, EBM and industrial aesthetics…

?? – Unreleased
?? – Unreleased
MURRAY CY – Stab in the neck
GAVIN RUSSOM – The shelter of palms
I.B.M. – Fingered
U202 – Fakin
DAMASKIN – Unseen warfare
CRAOW – Game of fools
RUDE66 – Chasing the shadows
BEAU WANZER – Seedless grins
BOOKWORMS – What are you mixed with
??? – Unreleased

Radio Rituel

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