Radio Rituel

15/03/2019 • 4PM - 5PM

with TV.OUT

TV.OUT is the project of Ori Itshaki & Doron Charly Mastey from Tel Aviv, now based in Berlin.
Since the 2011 debut release on their own Parallax imprint, the duo is working non stop producing and DJing.
Their DJ sets divers from Techno, Chicago House, New Wave, Electro straight to Italo Disco classics that heavily inspires the duo.
TV.OUT also run Parallax records hailing from Tel-Aviv that focuses on the local underground sounds.

DSORDNE – Centro D’Erezione (Dark Entries)
BLACKMOON77 – The Gate (Discos Del Quebranto)
CARDOPUSHER – Memento Mori (Unreleased)
AUTUMNS – Catch Yourself On (SOIL)
CARDINAL & NUN – Disintegration (Forthcoming L.I.E.S.)
DANIEL HOLT – Life Of Insubordination (Forthcoming L.I.E.S.)
GAMMA INTEL – Magic Syndicate (Forthcoming Pinkman)
LIQUID G. – Believe In Me (Liquid Produkts)
CORPORATE PARK – Benevolent Survelliance (Forthcoming L.I.E.S.)
TV.OUT – Blackout (Forthcoming L.I.E.S.)
TV.OUT Unreleased
CHEMOTEX – 33140 (The Trilogy Tapes)
RON MORELLI – Border Dust (202 Version) (Hospital Productions)
TV.OUT Unreleased
TV.OUT Unreleased
BETA EVERS – Angry Woman (Creme Organization)
TV.OUT Unreleased
TV.OUT Unreleased

Radio Rituel

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