Radio Poison

09/04/2020 • 10PM - 11PM

with Alexio

Alexio retrouve le bercail Simple Music Experience pour une nouvelle contribution à la Radio Poison, déroulant une heure de folk, synth-wave et lo-fi mélangé.

Jun Togowa – Teinen Pushiganga
Gareth Williams & Mary Currie – Another Flaming Tune
Hess – (inside) eyelids music
United Assholes – Step Out
Cosey Fanni Tutti – The Secret Touch
Colette Magny – La Bataille
Otis G. Johnson – He’s Everything
Abu Obaida Hassan – Qamar Al Massa (Moon of the Night)
Fred Manda – Arabesque
Elias Rahbani – Sweet Eyes
Dean Blunt – UV
Jeff and Jane Hudson – No Clubs
Jocelyn Pook – Masked Ball

Radio Poison

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