Radio Mimosa

17/06/2020 • 1PM - 2PM

with Manny Whodamanny

Listen to Periodica Records’ Manny Whodamanny and his guests, all traveling to cosmic synths, hard funk and other electronic delights.

Mario Acquaviva – Ho Perso tutto
Kash – Percussion Sundance
Nat Bush – Taste Of Love (Vocal)
A.C. Band – Good Feelings (Vocal)
Model 11/29 – Wot Times (Instrumental)
Dee Jay Roby – Dance Not Dance
Le Gardien D’Eden – Floppy Computer (Unreleased)
F.F. Band – Sono Fuso
Le Gardien D’Eden – Dans Tes Bras (Whodamanny Unreleased Version)
???? – ???? (Whodamanny Unreleased Remix)
?!?!?!? – ?!?!?!? (Whodamanny Unreleased Remix)
Serafini – Se Ti Va Così

Radio Mimosa

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