05/03/2020 • 6PM - 8PM

with DJ P.

An exploration of old-school Hip-Hop with DJ P. in command, and his guests to dig deeper.

Fubu & Flitz & Suppe – Wolfshain (Instrumental)
02. Dilated People – Defari Interlude
03. Kardinal Offishall – Ol’ Time Killin’ (feat. Allistair, Black Cat, Jully Black, Korry Deez & Wio-K)
04. Shanow – Remedy Man (Known As The Shanow)
05. Brother Arthur – The Year Of The « 9 »
06. Call O’ Da Wild – Clouds Of Smoke
07. MZ Boom Bap – Rootz (feat. Philo)
08. Kid Capri – Hot This Year (feat. Brand Nubian & Diamond)
09. Draztic – I/ Damage (The Mic)
10. Dr. Becket – Creativity (feat. El Da Sensei & K-Skills)
11. Half A Mill – Any Day Can Be Ya Last
12. Laster – Off Balance (feat. ED O.G.)
Frankenstein – All Hands
Pitch Black – Analyze The Program (Edit Version)
Pop Da Brown Hornet – G.P. Connection
Citizen Kane – Blackrain
Cella Dwellas – Wussdaplan
Down To Erf – Learn To Earn
Nomaads – The Ultimate (Underground)
E26quent – Leichter Als Fliegen
Apani B-Fly Emcee – Narcotic
DJ Strictnine And Paranorm – Psychological Profiles
Mark B – A Certain Special Skill (feat. M.C.M. & Jazz T)
Big Kwam – I Don’t Give A Whut (I Don’t Give A F… Part 2) (feat. A-Butta, L Swift)
The Doxxmen – Magnetic Attrack
Homeliss Derilex – Dead Grounds
The Nonce – Mix Tapes
Ill Treats, Audessey & Oxygen – Mirror On The Wall
Lone Catalysts – Lone Catalysts
Blaque Spurm – Nonoxynol Rhymin’
Champ MC – Keep It On The Real (Pete Rock Remix)
Tha God Fahim – Danbury Shakes (feat. Mach-Hommy)
Da Legendary Villain – Memoirs Of A Villain
Kista & Glad2mecha – Dreamchaser


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