Optimism Is Out To Get You

09/07/2020 • 11PM -

with Female Wizard

Strahinja Arbutina brings you Melbourne’s Female Wizard for one hour of experimental cuts and radical breaks..

Torre – Ondness
Seikilos & To Console Him – Jay Glass Dubs
Guts – Slam Ross 1000
Bim – Torchon & Ganj
War Drums For Children – FOQL
The Wasabi That You Ate – Haf Haf
Ebisu (Dasha Rush Remix) – Svreca
Holographic Caves (extended version) – Jessika Khazrik
Бюрот – hazbaragaz
Almost untitled(no more words) – bookworms
Progetto Gettato – retina.it
∂34∂ – Terrorrythmus
Hotbrush – Untold
Isotope Scan – Spatial
The Curtain Fall – Tomás Urquieta
Garrafa – Dj Problemas
Club Crisis – Cienfuegos

Optimism Is Out To Get You

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