Nova Express

16/03/2018 • 7PM - 8PM

with Snuffo

Most of the time, Snuffo is happy to not be a DJ. In clubs, the masked guy is strictly live act only. But a few times a year, he’s known to record a special mixtape. His latest contribution, for the Nova Express show, is meant as a soundtrack for weird dreams.

INTRO – Summer’s Cala Bona
EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN – Hospitalistische Kinder / Engel der Vernichtung
SHINOBY – Obscure Creed
ZAZA – Die Seltsame Reise
FONDATION – Résonance
JOHN CARPENTER – Assault On Precinct 13
IRON BLU – Look At Your Sun
LO-LO – Ubik
LFO – Unafraid To Linger
CELLARKALT – Finanzierungsmodell
LAMANNA & BREAKING WOOD – Bonjour Tristesse
INTERLUDE – TXL To Beusselstraße
COOL & FRANK – Business Library3
FEDERICO LEOCATA – Symbolisches Leben
LAURIE ANDERSON    – Let X = X / Live Album Version

Nova Express

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