Artificial Dreams

04/06/2020 • 1PM - 2PM

with Nonlocal Reasearch

Quanta Qualia’s  – Artificial Dreams –
A terminal for suspension of reason, like falling upwards… Once afloat in nonposition, the dream dreams up itself, continuously… Until falling awake once again, into yet another virtual immersion of space-time…
“I left this world and entered into the world.” (Clarice Lispector)
“Space is a deceiver. You and I are still dreaming.” (Alina Popa)

RUSS GARCIA – Into Space
PACIFIC 231 – Jewels Of The Ocean (Miyake)
CHARLIE MORROW – Wave Music VII For 30 Harps
ERNEST HOOD – August Haze
WORLD STANDARD – Billy Strange Country
MARC BARRECA – In A Foreign Land
ENNIO MORRICONE – L’intervallo 2
SWING SLOW – Snow Wave
LES BAXTER – Sunken City
SIMPLE AFFECTIONS – Alexander Scriabin (Preludes And Études)
TSEMBLA – False Awakening
TETSU INOUE – Health Loop

Artificial Dreams

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