Night Travel on a Blanket

21/12/2017 • 1PM - 2PM

with Jeroen Vermandere

Low Bat brings you Jeroen Vermandere for another tale, dive in.

“A childhood story from the life of Orpheus: 
At a young age, before Orpheus had started composing music, he fled from his bustling living environment, polluted by the sound of a constant buzzing. He went in search of a quiet and silent place, a rare sound-free paradise. He ventured on his journey around the Mediterranean Sea and at some point Orpheus ran into the twelve unrestrained Sybils. Orpheus waved at the shrieking and contracting women, trying to motion with his arms the question, “Why do you make so much noise?” 
Their answer: If you want to use your voice, speak, sing, or give meaning to your words, before there is a purpose to the words you speak or an emotion attached to the song you sing there is the voice inside of you. It comes from your body, your foundation, your base, and your connection to the earth, from how you hold on, your toes gripping the long roots growing underneath it. We catch the sound of the wind with open arms and legs and from this our voice comes; from the wind shaking the trees, from these lungs of the world and our own, it comes from our blood vessels and the uncontrollable roar of the sea, it comes from desire, the violence we inflict upon each other, the unanswered love, the morning dew, a shuddering breeze. Sound comes from everywhere. Listen to it with your skin.”

Night Travel on a Blanket

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