Night Travel on a Blanket

28/05/2020 • 4PM - 5PM

with La souris et l'éléphant

Night Travel on a Blanket – A story by La souris et l’éléphant

(Sound editing: Yuri Lewit)

A story inspired by “Invisible cities” by Italo Calvino
A trip through the sound movements of the 70ies, the contemporary electronic scene, Italy and dreamed cities.

La souris et l’éléphant is a duo of selector dj’s formed by Laurence Creyf and Gilles Vanneste, head leader of Les Actionnaires (Brussels).

Cover picture: Alain Simon



01. George Perec, extract of “Les villes invisibles” by Italo Calvino

02. Peter Brotzmann, “Summer Rain”

03. Maurice Lemaître, “Improvisation Lettriste Pour Danser” (1971)

04. Maria Teriaeva, “14’19” + Yona Friedman, extract of an interview about “À propos de la machine à inventer les appartements”

05. Komodo Kolektif, “Disciple Of The Drone” + Pier Paolo Pasolini, extract of “La forma della Città”

06. Bergsonist, “Gaza Border Violence”

07. Meredith Monk, “Chinook Whispers”

08. The Feed Back, “The Feed Back” (Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza)

9. Franc Reidy & Eric Allen, “Reflections” + Damian Mc Call, extract of “Invisible cities” by Italo Calvino

10. Jean-Paul Belmondo, extract of “À bout de souffle” by Jean Luc Godard

11. Sleaford Mods, “You’re A Nottshead”

12. Bernard Parmegiani “La Ville En Haut De La Colline”

13. Bernard Heidsieck, “Vaduz” (poésie sonore 1974)

14. Laurie Anderson, “Bright Red”

15. Anonymous, conversation on a terrasse of an italian restaurant in Brussels

16. Holiday Inn, “Dirty town”

17. Pan Sonic, “Puhdistus” + Moro Silo, extract of “Le città invisibile” by Italo Calvino

Night Travel on a Blanket

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