Night Travel on a Blanket

12/12/2019 • 4PM - 5PM

with Mustesna Records

Müstesna Records is a small label from Istanbul run by Ece Özel & Umut Kahya.. First 45min of
this mix includes tracks from “shelTer” compilation which was put together in order to create
global awareness about trans murders in turkey and also gain some income for Eylül Cansın
Trans Guesthouse in Istanbul. Second part is from upcoming 12” Alper Maral + Mert Topel –
Control Voltage Project which is a nice nice example from electronics experimentation from
Turkey. This will come out early 2020.

*VA “shelTer”
Sami Baruh – Passage Noir
MR TC – Tarot
As Longitude w Donato Dozzy – Secret Dust
Erdig Ol – Skylark
Alessandro Adriani – Perhaps to Dream
robogeisha (ft. $rar) – cam cini
Neu Verboten – Engineered Desire
Fluctuosa – Anblies Aquaticus
Emre Can Swim – Subtle Menace
*Alper Maral + Mert Topel – Control Voltage Project
Osilatör 1
Horoz (betonarme ortamda)
Mine’yi korkutan Parça
Lav Denizinde Tek Kürek

Night Travel on a Blanket

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