Night Travel on a Blanket

05/07/2018 • 1PM - 2PM

with Ondula

This is a radio collage inspired and guided by Tarot cards. An immersion in the Jungian psychology of Universal archetypes that inhabit our collective unconscious. It is based on the book “Jung and Tarot, An Archetypal Journey” of Sallie Nichols. The mayor Arkana, as universal archetypes, are symbols that speak directly with our subconscious. To do this program I have thrown the cards and the resulted spread guided me to find and choose the songs that compose this piece. This made my life a bit complicated as the order of the cards determined the order of the songs, and even if I conceive this piece as a radio collage and not a session, anyway I wanted that it had value by itself, without explanation. (not sure how many people will read this text ) so I hope to have found a good compromise about it. Finding the songs was an interesting process; It is not only about the title of the song corresponding with the card but also about the meaning of the cards corresponding with the essence of the song. It was interesting to discover that in my collection I have more than one song about magicians, suns or moons, but I struggled to find the right one for the devil or the strength.. I hope you enjoy as much I did following the desire of the cards.
Alea iacta est.

MARC BARRECA – Moonlight Dome (The Moon)
PHEW – New World (The World)
RICH LA BONTE – White Magician (The Magician)
CYRNAI – Climb The Sun (The Sun)
NURSE WITH SOUND – Devil is the night (The Devil
EMAK – Walking Through The Streets (The Fool)
EVA GEIST – HSP (The Empress)
MACROMASSA – Viejo León (The Strength)
LEGOWELT – Tower of gypsies (The Tower)
PAUL NAGLE – Wheels of Fortune (The Wheels of Fortune)
ISHIHONANA – Estrellas (The Star)
JONATHAN HALPER – I’m a Hermit (The Hermit)
SOVETSKOE FOTO – Love is just a Paradise (The Lovers)

Other audios in the piece are own productions and excerpts extracted from audiobooks of C.G Jung and interviews to C.G Jung.

Night Travel on a Blanket

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