Musiques S'en Mêlent

27/09/2017 • 2PM - 3PM

with Jean-Philippe Guye

A monthly focus on classical music with Conservatoire’s teacher J.-P. Guye through various themes, from Impressionism to Avant-Garde, Baroque and more… Here through a specific focus on mourning & comforting musics.

UNKNOWN ARTISTS – Liturgie Sépharade
M. RAVEL – Deux Mélodies Hébraïques
G. FAURE – Requiem: In Paradisium
MOZART – Requiem: Lacrimosa
G. LIGETI – Requiem: Requiem Aeternam
M. NYMAN – I’m Unsual Thing
C. MONTERVERDI – Incoronazione Di Poppera
E. SATIE – Socrate

Musiques S'en Mêlent

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