Mondo Fluxo

22/05/2020 • 9PM - 10PM

with Unknown

Tune in to Mondo Fluxo, a bimestrial transmission showcasing tribal electronics, old-fashioned and revised dub, experimental and other dense soundscapes.

Mike Cooper – Electricity
DB1 – Tone
Kassem Mosse – Still Gold Now
Black Zone Magick Chant – Where Will We Meet When Our Ashes Are Spread In The Wind?
Geinst Nait – ABS Trac 1
Ossia – Mob Psychology
Lord Tusk – God Cipher Devine
Hoshina Anniversary – Makuranage
Lord Tusk – Thunder
Maat – Krypt
XVARR – 08
Earthquake Studio – The Power of the Glory
Marcos Cabral – Buried Alive Twice
Vibes Master – Meek and Humble Dub
Employee – Wutai Tape Mix
Waswaas – What Remains (excerpt)

Mondo Fluxo

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