Mondo Fluxo

27/03/2020 • 8PM - 9PM

with Unknown

Listen to another transmission from the anonymous contributor of “Mondo Fluxo”, meandering through contemporary ambient, dub and tribal productions from Ssabae, Raymonde, Ekoplekz and more.

Tapes – Lab Sound 01
Ssabae – Qiyamah II
Strategy – Taper’s Rock Dub
Nerven System – Xe
Raymonde – Soleil Arrangé
Georgia – Extra Tack
Legowelt – Squirrel
CP/BW – Sewer Sex
Ekoplekz – Elevation
Christoph Waelkens – Drumming
Anne Gillis – Untitled
Robin Stewart – Time Travel
Jako Maron – Maloya Valsé chok 1
Metal Preyers – The Caller
Nicolas Gaunin – Arohiohi
Sunny Balm – Blasted Health
Metal Preyers – Double Tongue
John Forbes – War Zone
Nite Lite – Gameland

Mondo Fluxo

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