23/07/2019 • 12PM - 1PM

with Matteo Bertini

Apocalypse spiritual porn is a miscellaneous sound collage: Apocalypse Now audio frames, spiritual guru’s lectures and human orgasmic sounds mixed with experimental music and original refixes by Matteo Bertini.
Matteo Bertini is an Italian artist and sound producer based in Milan. He has been co-founder of Gioconda Radio, an eclectic independent web radio. Now he’s working on Miscellaneous, his first EP, and experimenting with Lucien collective, co-founded by him, around sound and other disciplines.

GAS – Königsforst Omraam
MIKHAEL AIVANHOV – Fraternité blanche universelle
APOCALYPSE NOW – Ride of the Valkyries scene
Hysterical literature | Session five | Teresa
PHIL COLLINS – Another day in paradise / refix by Matteo Bertini
JIDDU KRISHNAMURTI – The inner chaos
MIKE COOPER – Fratello mare
MIKE COOPER – On passing bamboo
MENACE – Beak black nail
APOCALYPSE NOW – Post napalm. Colonel Kilgore tries to recover his stolen surfboard scene
AKIRA – Kaneda’s theme
MICKEY ROURKE – Change my way
Hysterical Literature | Session twelve | Fette
MATTEO BERTINI – Element (from Miscellaneous I EP out soon)
OSHO – There is no tomorrow
MARK FELL – SOA-3 (Refix by Matteo Bertini)
OMRAAL MKHAEL AIVANHOV – Aimez, aimez, aimez
1 – 800 – hotline
PERTURBATOR – The price of failure

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