20/12/2019 • 1PM - 2PM

with Rosa

Hello, you’re listening to Marasa. This is our fifth tape, featuring work by artist Rosa-Johan Uddoh.
She is an interdisciplinary artist working towards what she calls maximum self-esteem.
She’s inspired by black feminist practice and writing.

This tape will feature 2 sound pieces created by Rosa, ‘On Opacity, Part 1& 2’ (2017) and ‘Black
Poirot’ (2019).
With the visual field all but removed, her audio work moves through various meditations on what
sound means for regimes of visibility. Like radio, these sound pieces evade the logic of the written or
the visual and thus these axes of domination.
The first piece, On Opacity, stages a conversation. It asks what it is to be fully known through the
types of information that can be strategically concealed or communicated through sound.
Black Poirot, is what the artist calls “a 20 minute ride on the Orientalised- Other Express.
investigating a crime no one can remember and an internalized struggle with latent respectability
politics. It also features a special appearance from Edouard Glissant in the role that could have defined
him.” Blurring the boundaries between radio play, sound collage and critical essay, communicating
through theory and affect, Black Poirot leverages tension and leaves us wondering… Who dunnit?


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