Maison Kame

26/06/2020 • -

with Infuso Giallo & Uomo di Carne

Label bosses Infusio Giallo & Uomo di Carne are back with two playful hours of music, cruising through subtle electronics, ambient, electronica and more.

Cucina Povera – Zoom003
Iury Lech – Final Sin Pausas
Paddy McAloon – I’m 49
Lucrecia Dalt – Silencio
Private Agenda – Solitude
Joni Mitchell – Funeral (Rap)
Terry Riley – Cadenza Cello
Lucio Battisti – Separazione Naturale
Ronsinha de Valença – Consoloçao
Prescilla Ermel – Corpo Do Vento
Björk – Unravel
Airchina – Teenage
Dam-Ru – A life In 3 Parts
Globus – The Grove

Moby – God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters
Charlemagne Palestine – drruuhhnnn innn duhh mooooohhnnn
Bibio – Phantom Brockworks I
Hypnotic Sleep – De dröigen Blaar
The Bowles – Fortune Song
Pearson Sound – Rainbows Pt. 2
Jahiliyya Fields – AAAA
Dirk von Lotzow – Sermon III
Queens – Cables
Bach (Hans-Joachim Rotzsch, Thomanerchor) – Johannes Passion MWV 245
Dark Star – LXTLAN

Boards Of Canada – Transmisiones Ferox
Moby – When It’s Cold I’d Like To Die

Maison Kame

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