Lonely Only

23/10/2019 • 12PM - 1PM

with Lil Mofo

Tokyo’s Lil Mofo returns to our airwaves for another “Lonely Only” session, alternating between easy-breaks, silky electro, deep house and more tranquil vibes.

Boreal Massif – Weather In August
Joy O – Breathe In
Gamayun – Kapel
Tribe Of Colin – Paradise Lost
Commando Bruno – Confidencial 7
FITH – l’au delà
Brainwaltzera – Mr Bundlesworth -meet BM-
Sleep D – Reggatron
Call Super and Parris – Chiselers Rush
A Psychic Yes – Maze Dream (Sapphire Slows Remix)
DWART – Keep In Touch (Far East Mix)

Lonely Only

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