Lonely Only

08/04/2020 • 12PM - 1PM

with Lil Mofo

Listen to Tokyo’s Master of disaster Lil Mofo conducting her business straight to hell, passing by Memphis rap, rough techno, industrial bangers and reggae, soul along other unexpected detours, guerilla-style…

Tasho Ishi – Chase the Rainbow
Rascal – RMR
Code Walk – Distance
Mark – Incantation For The Protection Of JC
Pessimist – Burundanga
Homemade Weapons – Lingchi (with Artilect)
ize – This Is Not A Drill
Kush Jones – F##K OFF
Yoshinori Hayashi – It’s not here anymore.
Christoph de Babalon – I Own Death
Floral Resources – Botanic Panic
MoMA Ready – The Subtle Sound of Dying
See Me With My Spliff feat. Spragga Benz – Salaam Remi
Epoch – 11-38
Thomas Bush – Down Street

Lonely Only

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