Le Banger est dans le Pré

09/01/2020 • 9PM - 10PM

with Soucoupe

Saumure invites Doum and Jean-Guitare from Soucoupe, a cosmic guild which promotes parties in Paris. Join them for an hour of downtempo, wave and psychedelic music with tracks from alpha Orion, Pete Namlook and Software among others.

CORTEX – Cortex T
KANOT – La Danse Des Corneilles
SOFTWARE – Country boys
INTERIOR – Bizare Disco
ALPHA ORION – alpha Orion
ALOA – Himbeereis
SANDRA ELECTRONICS – Here And Now (German Version)
PETE NAMLOOK – Intruder Detector
DANCE NAKED – Orgasmatron
LIKA STAR – Let The Rain Pass
DIVISI62 – RMP – 3″32
GURUH GIPSY – Baron Gundah
LA JUNGLE – You Say Amen I Say Word
BOSHO – Rail
PSI NUKLI – Trip Sequence III
GLI OPERA – 1000 Anni Luce
HYMN – Nos Pieds et Nos Têtes

Le Banger est dans le Pré

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