Ladder Of Primes

12/07/2019 • 5PM - 7PM

with Maria W. Horn

Maria W. Horn from the XKatedral label takes care of the season’s last show, providing with two hours of drone, ambient and experimental music from Ellen Arkbro, Isak Edberg, Ingrid Engaras and more to enjoy here.

VILHELM BROMANDER & FREDRIK RASTEN – Harmony for two or more voices II [upcoming, Differ Records]
EDBERG/ERLANDSSON/LISINSKI – Dissolving Ceremony, [self released, 2014]
INGRID ENGARAS – Rumble [Firework Edition Records, 2003]
ELLEN ARKBRO – CHORDS for Guitar [Subtext, 2019]
MARYANNE AMACHER – TEO! Pt. 1 [Tzadik, 2008]
MARIA W HORN – Epistasis [upcoming, Hallow Ground]
ISAK EDBERG – Ondulations

Ladder Of Primes

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