Bruxelles Année Zero

31/07/2020 • 3PM - 4PM

with Kafim - Radomontade

Hiding behind a red curtain, a black dog is seeking emotional stability.
Watch out, his eeriness could catch you.

Die Form – Ritual
Anthroprophh – Precession
Moral – On Serial Rendau
Radio Free Europe – Borrow More Money
Roter Rot – Get Away Dark Side
Los Microwaves – Time To Get It Up
CEL – Elektrybalt
Moebius & Plank – Speed Display
Mystery Plane – Vampire
La Peste – Better Off Dead
Jo Lemaire + Flouze – Far Cry
Daszu – Mythological Love
Algebra Suicide – Thuesday Tastes Good
Tik and Tok – Theme From “The Dome Bros.”
Ovens van Ondank – Paradijs
WeR7 – DOn’t Surrender
Cluster – Hollywood
Thule – Ssel Gnieam Lla
Inre Kresten Grupp – Campo Santo

Bruxelles Année Zero

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